A study by a Chinese research agency now shows that iPhones in China are used more by the poorer class. The higher-income people are more likely to use Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo branded devices.
by  Vera Bauer  on December 1, 2018

iPhones are expensive, right? Just the latest models can beat up to 1650 euros to book. So one might assume that just the people with a high income can afford such a gem. Well, in China, according to a recent study that looks very different. According to this, poorer people in this country are more likely to use an iPhone, and richer people are using other brands like Huawei.

For a long time, the iPhone was considered a kind of status symbol – one of the cool Apple representatives, who had to pay no attention to any money, or an App menu needed. That only the rich and beautiful have such a model is, however, only partially true. This trend is decreasing, as the Chinese research agency Mobdata shows. According to the study, iPhone owners tend to belong to the poorer class and have a poorer school education.

The fact that you only find iPhones in poor neighborhoods where people prefer to exchange their money for a smartphone instead of food is not right either. The study shows that this is above all “invisible poverty”. Interestingly, most of the group consists of unmarried women between the ages of 18 and 34 years. They usually have a Chinese high school degree and an income of less than 3,000 yuan, which is the equivalent of about 380 euros, available monthly.

On the other hand, people aged 25 to 34, who have a Chinese degree and now earn 5,000 to 20,000 yuan, prefer Huawei smartphones . The high earners, who earn more than 20,000 yuan a month, prefer to use Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo devices.

Of course, you can not generalize this trend and for the reasons, only assumptions can be made. According to the research agency Mobdata this fact is mainly buried in the significant price increase by Apple. The people with more income then prefer to fall back on devices of the competition, as they are cheaper. The poorer layer of course does not spend so much money on the latest models. Instead, used and older iPhones are very popular.

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