While we are still sitting in dead spots, South Korea starts with its 5G network by 2019 at the latest.
by  Felix Baumann  on 4 December 2018

In the future, 5G will be one of the mobile standards that will make many things possible in everyday connected life. Especially for the development of autonomous vehicles, the significantly higher transmission rates and the hopefully good network coverage play a major role. Until that happens, it may still be a rocky, bureaucratic path in Germany. The Federal Network Agency has just set the rules for the allocation of frequencies . By comparison, many years after the introduction of its predecessor 4G, only 65.7% of the Federal Republic are covered by this standard.

One nation that has always had the edge in networking is South Korea. There, the network operator »SK Telecom« has now carried out the first commercial video call in the world via 5G. This is reported by the news site » The Korea Herald «. For use, a smartphone of the resident company Samsung should have come. Unfortunately, those who now suspect that it was a Samsung Galaxy S10 have to disappoint: the prototype shown looked more like a modified Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

The conversation was conducted by the manager of the network operator, Park Jung-ho, who called a personnel manager in Seoul. The connection quality achieved by the new technology is said to have been significantly better than that of a conventional 4G smartphone. Afterwards, head of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, announced a partnership with SK Telecom to roll out commercial 5G services as quickly and easily as possible. The electronics company has done many more tests with the new standard, including the replica of a 5G-equipped city .

Other mobile operators on the Korean peninsula have already made their networks 5G-enabled. The competitors »KT« and » LG Uplus« are already offering the 5th generation of mobile telephony to business customers in 13 cities. Private customers should come from March 2019 to enjoy the even faster Internet.

The only thing missing is the compatible smartphones . Samsung has already announced a 5G device for 2019 and would like to show this week at the » Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit« in Maui a first proof of concept. Here, the acquired knowledge of the 5G-capable router, which was presented at the “Mobile World Congress 2017”, will also be incorporated. Also LG and the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus want to bring next year several compatible devices on the market. Apple fans, on the other hand, probably have to wait until at least 2020 .

It therefore remains to be seen to what extent the technology will spread worldwide. The fact that Korea is now here but gas, other industrialized countries should follow suit as soon as possible. In this country, we are all very likely anyway already before the nationwide introduction of 5G a compatible device ☺. I only hope for the future that prices will not rise any further due to the better network.

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